Best new gear for 2017

NAMM 20172017 looks like it’s going to be a great year for new guitar gear. Dawsons have recently written a great article on the gear shown at the NAMM show. The show is huge and takes place every year at the Disney Convention Centre in Anaheim, California.

Ask your Bristol guitar teacher about new guitar gear

After all of your hard practice during your guitar lessons Bristol, it’s time to treat yourself? Speak to your Bristol guitar teacher about what gear might be suitable for you. They will be able to give professional advice on the guitar you’ve always dreamed of, or the amp that will take you out gigging.

Best new gear – NAMM 2017

Guitar home recording – Tips and tricks

Guitar recordingSo, you’ve been working hard with your Bristol guitar teacher and your guitar lessons have been going great. Maybe you fancy having a go at some home guitar recording? Here is a great post from Dawsons Music on exactly that.

Guitar recording at home

You don’t need a huge recording studio with lots of expensive kit to do some guitar recording at home. With a little help from your Bristol guitar teacher and a browser through the Dawsons Music article below you’ll be up and running in no time.


You may not hit the sweet spot right away… Keep trying different things, twiddle a few knobs and play around until you get the sound you’re looking for.

Your 7 tips and tricks: